Creative Arts for children and youth

We are a creative arts initiative for children and youth ages 4 to 16 with a main focus on traditional and contemporary arts education and development for children and youth in pre-primary, primary and secondary schools


"Autumn Studios was founded in 2012, with an aim of sharing the love for and skills in dance and multimedia with children and youth. Since then, Autumn has grown to hosting other arts forms such as music classes offered by Kampala Music School, and multimedia- photography and video classes at its hub in Makindye – Kampala, Uganda. Creative arts education and development is at the core of our existence.



Because dance is a performing art, Autumn Studios creates opportunities for children in school clubs, studios and dance groups around Kampala to showcase what they have learned from the year, Children spend a lot of time in studios learning dance techniques and making dances but hardly have an opportunity to showcase their talent. At the Bazaar all participants are awarded certificates.

  • All Schools Dance Bazaar

    14 - Nov - 2015

    In 2015, we renamed the bazaar to the All Schools Dance Bazaar to make this platform genre inclusive. Children and youth access more dance genres than ballet in Uganda. From…

  • The All Schools Ballet Bazaar

    18 - Oct - 2014

    This time we took the Bazaar to Kitante Primary School and yes we had more schools, youth dance companies and more studios sign up to perform. Among the favorites of…

  • The All Schools Ballet Bazaar

    14 - Dec - 2013

    The first ever All Schools Ballet Bazaar took place at Lohana Academy- Kololo Campus on the 14December 2013. This Bazaar was aimed at bringing children in ballet clubs in schools…


  • The Best Ballet Syllabus

    The Best Ballet Syllabus written by Nicola Rose principal of Oasis Dance and Drama School in Sydney 24/3/2016 When I started Oasis Dance & Drama School in Nov. 2009, I decided […]

  • Perceptions on Ballet in Uganda…

    6 years and running I am still amazed at what we Ugandans perceive ballet to be. Many parents, youth will tell you, any dance done to slow music, ‘church worship’ […]

  • Happy New Year From Autumn Studios

    Happy New Year from Autumn Studios! 2017 is upon us and it beholds good things. As the children continue to explored movement in dance this year, they will grow to […]