Autumn Studios partnership with Kampala Music School

29 August 2016 marked the beginning of an artistic one of a kind  partnership between Kampala Music School and Autumn Studios to provide music lessons at Autumn Studios located in Makindye. This partnership is aimed at bringing music lessons closer to the clientele  in the Makindye East and West areas. With this partnership, children and adults alike can now access both dance and music lessons in the comfort of their home areas.

 “Kampala City traffic can be difficult to navigate. Crossing through town to access art can be tiresome. We are dedicated to providing quality services to our clients in Makindye and the surrounding areas whilst relieving them of all the city hustles. Ones does not have to go into the busy business district to access our services anymore. Parents don’t have to drive to a dance school and a music school as these services are now in the same space.