Upcoming events:

The All Schools Dance Bazaar 2016

Save the date: Saturday 19 November 2016

Theme: Dancing with props

Venue: to be confirmed



We are changing the face of dance one child at a time


“If we can think, feel, and move, we can dance”

Margaret H’Doubler.


At Autumn Studios, we believe in arts development and education as the future of Uganda, in regard to employment – job creation and innovation.

We explore various contemporary/ modern dance forms in our classes.


Dance is a science as well as a performing art, we provide opportunities for children and youth to showcase their art through performances at the studio every term and at various events that Autumn Studios organizes and gets invited to throughout the year. It is such opportunities that allow for children and youth to gain confidence and dare to be creators and innovators.


Children spend a lot of time in studios learning dance technique and making dances but hardly have an opportunity to showcase their talent. Autumn Studios creative shows  such as the All Schools Dance Bazaar annually where children and youth from various schools and backgrounds showcase their art on the same stage. All participants are awarded certificates to encourage them on in their art and to build their confidence.