Happy New Year From Autumn Studios

Happy New Year from Autumn Studios!

2017 is upon us and it beholds good things.

As the children continue to explored movement in dance this year, they will grow to be more independent, explored movement, got better in their motor skills, poise, learn new rhythms, exercised, became more confident, learn new vocabulary, got better at counting and sure enough learn discipline, innovation, respecting others and self while socialising.

This is not a journey that takes a few lessons, to learn. All these abilities and more are a continued process as we prepare these children for a world that will demand innovation solutions from them. We are raising children with an extra edge in life that will be qualified but more than that Competitive in their time.

Exposing them to dance brings all these attributes out of them. Theirs is a journey where they learn by doing ‘Kinesthetic’ learning, a journey of self discovery.

It is on this note that we inform you of our new changes in our systems to better our services in the New Year.

Will be a time for training; in-house team building.
Weekend dance classes resume on Saturday 4th February 2017.

We look forward to working with your children to support them to be the best they can be through dance.

Every child deserves an opportunity to experience dance art.
Autumn Studios exist to provide those wholesome experiences.