Tutus & Tea party…

Visiting Autumn Studios
Ms. Kate performs at the Hillsong Christmas Spectacular 2017
The Tutus & Tea party organised by Autumn Studios is an event where all the children that take class with us get together and celebrate their accomplishments throughout the year. We celebrate this day in style, we wear our best tutus and show up. We carry a snack and share with a buddy or two.
 2018 has been such a great year for us and all our students. We have lots of memories to recount and this year we are delighted to host an internationally recognised and accomplished dancer, choreographer and instructor Ms.Kate Stoddard.
Ms. Kate Stoddard is from Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia will be our guest dance instructor at Autumn Studios at the Tutus & Tea party on 1 December 2018.
Ms. Kate started dancing at age 3. She has had dance art experiences not only in ballet but also in jazz, tap, gymnastics, contemporary, lyrical and hip-hop.
Ms. Kate say,“I have always loved to dance because of the way it makes me feel like I can fly. I love the continual challenge of dance. I love the way dance dares me to try new things, to create with movement, and to keep cultivating my craft. I truly believe dance is a powerful force to be reckoned with. It can whisper to hearts but can also shout and declare with boldness.” 
She has been a part of Hillsong Dance Team in Sydney for 6 years.  Ms. Kate is
currently the dance leader at the Hillsong Church, City Campus. She has danced at and choreographed for many conferences and events for Hillsong. Ms.Kate truly believes dance ministry is one not to be underestimated.
“It allows God to speak to people and has the power to break chains and change lives. I hope to never stop dancing,” she adds.
At Autumn Studios we believe and know it is such an honour for Ms.Kate Stoddard to visit and work with our students whose age range is between 2 and half years and 28 years. It is with such opportunities that our students continue to be inspired beyond the art of dance. We exist to bring the best out of them by availing opportunities such as these master classes with trained professionals and accomplished artists from Uganda and around the world.
For more on Ms. Kate Stoddard check out her instagram @katestod