Why children should have an opportunity at dance!

Dance is a tool through which children and youth ages 4 years to 16 years are given an opportunity to discover and develop their talent, develop their motor skills, poise, body strength, discipline, confidence, social skills and gain physical body fitness. A journey of self discovery through dance!
At Autumn Studios we learn by doing – Kinesthetic learning

“I have fond memories of watching children get onto stage to perform. I see them boldly taking their place and owning it. This does not come easy for every child, I sit back and encourage them on sometimes, I see them dare themselves, and blossom on that stage. When a child steps out, there I see shy fade and their confidence build up. That child knows who they are. They can stand and face another challenge on another platform in life,” said Jacqlynne.
Child development research has shown that all children are kinesthetic learners as infants and toddlers; movement is how they navigate and find their way into and through the world of objects. But some children clearly remain kinesthetic learners. Boykin and Cunningham (2001)
Dance training enables children overcome growth and learning challenges and become well-rounded as they grow. In exposing them to dance and other art forms, children explore ideas and create and share their ideas, thoughts that may later help them discover who they want to be and what they aspire to do.
Dance as a tool in education allows for learning without borders. Some will create their own jobs; find solutions to varied circumstances using the skills they have acquired regardless of the industries they choose later in life.
At Autumn Studios, we provide these services through our in-school clubs programs at Rainbow International School and International School of Uganda and at our studios over the weekends (read more and sign your child up. (Link to activities/ programmes)
Over the years, Autumn has worked with a number of schools namely Lohana Academy- Kololo Campus, Mothercare Preparatory school-Bunamwaya, Acacia International School-Muyenga, and Dolphins Pre School Namugongo. We also provide trained dance teachers for in school programmes.
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